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If you happen to be in Germany and wish to book an in-person consultation with one of our expert surgeons, we can arrange this for you as well.

Patient Days Seminars

Periodically, our surgeons will travel around the world to hold Patient Days Seminars.  Be sure to check the Patient Seminars link in the menu to see if an event is happening near you.

Our Unique Process

We're there for you from start to finish

  • First Contact

    First, contact us by filling out the Evaluation Form. At this point, one of our experienced patient liaisons will be in touch to help guide you through the entire process.

  • Evaluation of Medical Data

    Your liaison will help you prepare your Patient Data Sheet, MRI, X-Ray, and any other medical imaging files that you have.  After everything is ready, our senior surgeons will review your case.

  • Receive Obligation Free Treatment Plan

    If our surgeons found you to be a good candidate for surgery, an evaluation report will be sent back that contains their findings, recommended treatment plan, and surgery package details including total package cost.

  • Treatment Plan / Tele-consultation

    Your liaison will be in touch to discuss the proposed treatment plan and to help answer any questions.

  • Assist with Travel Planning

    Your liaison will assist with all hotel arrangements and travel planning to help make your journey as painless as possible. We require some pre-op testing to be performed by your local doctor prior to coming to Germany, and your liaison will help coordinate that with you as well.

  • Airport Pickup

    Our driver will be awaiting your arrival at the Dusseldorf airport. You and your support partner(s) will be transported to the first hotel to relax and get settled in.

  • Hotel Arrival / Hospital Admission

    Our driver will pick you up from the hotel (typically the following day), take you to your pre-op appointments, and admit you to the hospital.

  • Consultation with Neurosurgeon

    You will meet one-on-one with a senior neurosurgeon to discuss your surgery plan and address any of your concerns.

  • Surgery

    This is the day you’ve been waiting for.

  • Hospital Stay + Daily Physiotherapy

    Your recovery starts here. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and ready for more advanced rehab at the Medicos auf Schalke rehab center. The hospital stay is typically 7 days but varies from patient to patient.

  • Move to Medicos Rehab Center

    Our driver transfers you and your support partner(s) from the hospital to the Marriott hotel which is connected to the Medicos auf Schalke rehab center. Here you will undergo more advanced rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Your stay at Medicos is typically 6 days but varies from patient to patient.

  • Final Checkup with Surgeon

    Your surgeon will review your X-rays to ensure all is healing well and address any questions or concerns.

  • Return Home with Ongoing Support

    Before you fly home, you’ll be given a packet that contains orders for new X-Rays (typically 3 months and 6 months post-op), a letter of medical necessity, and an itemized list of all medical services provided. After you return, your primary care doctor should order your X-Rays at the intervals requested by your surgeon and continue to prescribe pain medications (only if needed). In almost all cases, there is no need to return to Germany for follow up. The required X-Rays are typically all that’s needed for follow up care. Most issues can be addressed digitally over email.